Best Quality Power enhancing products.

Higher rating stabilizers are used for large machinery, for a group of machinery or for the entire factory.

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Best Quality Power enhancing products.

ON-LINE UPS is worldwide the most preferred choice, when it comes to protect any delicate electronic and electrical equipment or DATA, from power fluctuations and outages.

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Welcome to Hi-Tech Power Solution

We are one of the leading energy backup and power solution provider in India.We deals with modern technology power products such as On-Line UPS, Lift Back-Up Systems, Home UPS. We are specialized in providing 1kva to 800kva Online Ups and 10kva upto 3500kva Stabilizer in India..

Hi-Tech Power Solution provides long lasting, field proven and customized power solution for automations in real estate, banks, Industry, medical and educational institutions. In green energy we provides roof top solar power plants which are designed, engineered and executed for faster return on investment through speedy compliance with service providers and energy development associations.

Our vision is to have a company offering zero defect products and a service that satisfies customer needs of Power, Energy solutions (i.e. Conventional - Non-Conventional), automatic communication between machine, user & service provider. We strive to upgrade our product technology and resource skills with training programs dedicated to meet deadlines of quality customer commitment & technology upgrades.

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Customers are our power, hence we work for 100% satisfaction of the people who are trusting Hi-Tech Power Solution. Best quality of services are being offered by us at best rates.

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We offer multiple options for your power energy support.

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